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Head: Coach Joe Proffit


Coach Proffitt – Head Coach/ Fundraising/ Scheduling/ Transportation

Coach Kent- Pitching Coach/ 3rd Base Coach

Coach Currid- Hitting Coach/ 1st Base Coach

Coach Byrd- Infield Coach/ base-running

Coach Edwards- Catcher’s and mentoring

Coach Chapman- Outfield Coach


Friday, February 10, 2017


Thanks so much Heather Marshall! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Your support means so much! Thanks for all you do Jessica!

Walton Middle School Warrior Shout Out - Thanks so much for your support Billy Betts!

Eric Joyner Walton Middle School is grateful for your support! Warriors Appreciation!

Thanks so much Jason and Melissa Encardes. Your support is very appreciated!

Adlee and Patty you are our biggest sponsor and we want you to have a big Warrior THANK YOU!

Gregg Majors WMS Warriors appreciate you!

Thanks Troy Poole! The WMS Warriors are grateful!

Cari Cole and Shane Abbott get a huge THANK YOU from the WMS WARRIORS!