“Hearts for the Arts” Title 1 Parent Training Night at WMS

On Thursday, February 22, Walton Middle School hosted “Hearts for the Arts,” which proved itself to be yet another successful Title 1 Parent Training Night.  After having dinner, parents and students had the opportunity to learn about art and literacy together.  In one station, participants went on a “HeART Walk” scavenger hunt, searching for elements of art in WMS’ student art gallery.  In yet another activity, students and parents sampled literary delicacies (books eligible for the Dave and Buster’s Reading Challenge), served by apron-clad teacher waitresses in the Warrior Cafe.  And finally, guests had the opportunity to learn how WMS’ own published student author, McCaid Paul, “turned thoughts into words.”  WMS thanks its parents, students, teachers, and staff for their commitment to instilling a love of the arts and literacy.