Students in Mr. Tracie Jordan and Mr. Paul Baur's sixth grade world geography classes have spent the week as detectives, delving into text evidence to solve an age old mystery--the death of King Tut.  Students closely and carefully read several texts about King Tut's life and death, looking for clues about how he died--and who, if anyone, had motive to kill him.  Students were deeply engaged in class discussions about the mystery, basing their ideas on their analysis of text evidence.  To make the learning experience even more meaningful for students, Mr. Baur dressed as King Tut, while Mr. Jordan dressed as Sparta, the king's protector.  Though the world may never really know how King Tut died, WMS sixth graders will at least remember several theories about his demise.  They will also walk away with an understanding about how changes in leadership can lead to unrest in societies.  By using the evidence before them, students worked collaboratively and analytically, skills that will prove beneficial to them throughout their lives.