The AVID program emphasizes organization as an essential skill for success.  Students who organize effectively are better prepared for courses, participate more during instruction, and interact more effectively with their peers and teachers.  Well-organized students also self-direct, self-evaluate, and self-monitor.  One way the WMS AVID program supports organization is through the use of graphic organizers.

Last week, eighth grade ELA teacher Mrs. Rachel Jones led students in a Springboard lesson that required students to organize and process their thinking using a graphic organizer.  Using a text set, students explored how learning about the past (in particular, the Holocaust) can impact the future.  Mrs. Jones and her students discussed how the Nazis deliberately used euphemism to disguise the true nature of their crimes, replacing disturbing words with diction with positive connotations.  Using the "I Do, We Do, You Do" gradual release instructional model, Mrs. Jones guided students through a graphic organizer to analyze how the Nazis manipulated language to mask the horrors of their atrocities.  Students studied the euphemisms of relocation, Disinfecting or Delousing Centers, camps, and the the Final Solution.  For each euphemism, students collaborated to complete a graphic organizer, showing the term's literal definition/denotation, its meaning in the context of the Holocaust, and the analysis of the differences in its connotation.  

Such organizing and collaborating on the road to rich thinking is the Warrior WICOR way.