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Grading Information

Report Cards are distributed after each nine week grading period. Interim reports are distributed at the end of the fourth week of each grading period. These reports will be written in or attached to the Grade Report pages of the WMS Pridebook. A parent signature is requested to acknowledge receipt of these reports (pages 3-4). Students must pass language arts, math, science, and social studies for promotion.  Students who maintain all A’s or A’s and B’s in all classes for a nine-weeks grading period are placed on the school honor roll and receive special recognition. A student placed in advanced classes must maintain at least a C average each nine-week grading period, or the student may be transferred to a regular class. Parents will be notified prior to a class change.



Grading Scale
A  90 -100            Outstanding Progress
B  80 -  89            Above Average Progress
C  70 -   79           Average Progress
D  60 -  69            Lowest Acceptable
F    ≤      59           Failure
I                              Incomplete