Walton Middle School operates under the “we, not me” philosophy, the belief that it takes a tribe to help Warriors succeed.  This week, September 11-13, the school hosted Doughnuts and Data, a very successful Title 1 annual meeting and parent training event, with 272 parents and guardians in attendance.  Families were invited to take a seat alongside their middle schoolers during SPEAR class to gain insight about their child’s progress and to establish attainable goals for success.  Families were given data folders that contained midterm grades, STAR reading and math data, classroom goal sheets, and FSA/EOC reports.  While enjoying doughnuts, families worked together to discuss the student’s strengths and challenges, craft a realistic goal, and develop a game plan for success.  Additional school and district employees were on hand in classrooms to support students whose families were unable to attend.  WMS looks forward to hosting a similar event again in February to follow-up on students’ progress.  WMS teachers, parents, and students all have eyes on success this A+ school year.