The WMS Literacy Team constantly works to find ways to encourage children to read. The students were given a reading challenge. The challenge was Read to have join the Fling at the Springs. To qualify, each student had to read 25 books at or above their reading level. Ten had to be fiction and 10 had to be non-fiction, the next five was their choice of fiction or non-fiction.  The challenge was to read these books, take an “AR Test” and have a score of 80 percent or better  Those that met the challenge qualified to attend the Fling at the Spring Thursday, May 21, 2015. Thirty-five students met the challenge and spent the day at Ponce De Leon Springs. The attending adults were: (Faculty and Staff)  Ms. Baker, Ms. Deal, Ms. Jones, Mr. Hulion, Mr. Proffitt, Deputy Lloyd, (Parent Volunteers) Rebecca King, Amy Thacker and Renee Heironimus.

 Pictured: Students and Staff attending the Fling at the Springs