Mission & Vision Statement

Mission:  Walton Middle School's mission is to be the highest performing middle school, both academically and socially, in Walton County.

Vision:  We at Walton Middle School want to create an atmosphere that will inspire an environment of discovery, critical thinking, and understanding where children are stimulated to seek innovative and effective educational experiences.


  • The students are excited about learning.

  • The students are confident in their ability to experience success and accept responsibility for their actions and achievements.

  • The students care about themselves and others, and they have a sense of responsibility to the community.


  • Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their children's education.

  • The staff is professional, enthusiastic, and caring. They assist the students in organizing information and coordinating educational activities.

  • The employees and students are working in partnership with the community to develop responsible, productive citizens in our democratic society.

Students upon graduation, will be able to think critically and creatively, solve problems, communicate effectively, use technology efficiently, and possess interpersonal skills that allow them to function competently.