Students learn best when they create their own ideas, and AVID “one-pagers” allow students to creatively respond to something they have read or learned.  Through one-pagers, learners respond imaginatively and concisely, showing connections between central concepts.  The audience viewing the one-pager should clearly understand the student’s understanding because essential elements are creatively displayed on just one page.

After reading S.E. Hinton’s novel The Outsiders with their students, WMS’ seventh grade ELA teachers Miss Tara Manson and Mrs. Chastity McLaney gave opportunities for student creativity to flourish for their third nine weeks exam.  Students created digital posters about the text using PowerPoint or Word, the internet, the novel, and their own thoughts.  On the one-pagers, students selected three significant quotes from the novel and explained their significance, as well as essential vocabulary needed to understand the text.  They also explained how the author develops the “outsider” theme throughout the book.  Students paired graphics and savvy visual design with these literary elements to make eye-catching posters.

Through this AVID-style exam alternative, students were able to creatively display their unique thinking.  Mrs. McLaney and Miss Manson continually collaborate to design creative opportunities for students to own their learning in seventh grade ELA.