Collaboration was in full force in Miss Erin Dickey’s sixth grade advanced math class on this WICOR Wednesday.  In a unit on the area of shapes, students collaborated in a fast-paced game, in which they matched the names, area formulas, and solutions of different shapes.  Miss Dickey reminded students of the power of teamwork, that one person can’t do everything, and that everyone needed to pull their weight for the good of the group.  Knowing that discrepancies among teammates would arise, she instructed them to work through them collectively to arrive at a final correct answer.  Encouragement and cooperation filled the classroom as students worked through the task together with ten minutes on the clock.  By the end, they had completed five game boards with five different shapes.  After revealing the correct answer, one group member announced that his team’s work was “not too shabby!”  The tribe is rising with COLLABORATION in sixth grade math in our AVID school.