Here are a few things to help your child be ready for FSA/ EOC Testing:

-Students need to be present and on time everyday

-Have plenty of paper, pencils, pridebook, and other materials for classes

-Complete HW and any other assignments for classes

-Review notes from classes each night

-Study for Test and Quizzes

Here are the tentative dates for WMS FSA/EOC Testing:

April 10-11:  6th Grade Math

April 12-13: 7th Grade ELA

April 18-19: 8th Grade ELA

April 20-21: 6th Grade ELA

April 25-26: 8th Grade Math

April 27-28: 7th Grade Math

May 2:  8th Grade Science

May 3-4: Alg. I EOC

May 10-11: Civics EOC


**Dates subject to change**