WMS invites families to join us for DATA & DOUGHNUTS.


6th grade—Weds., 9/11

7th grade—Thurs., 9/12

8th grade—Fri., 9/13

(@ 7:50 each day in your child’s SPEAR classroom)


At this unique event, you will:

--Learn more about WMS in our annual Title 1 parent meeting

--Gain insights about your child’s progress so far this year

--Establish attainable goals for success with your child


For safety purposes, please arrive early that morning to sign-in and print your identification badge.  (WCSD uses the Raptor identification system to help keep our schools safe.  Processing IDs does take time, so you might want to visit our front office prior to the event to be entered into our system.)


We look forward to seeing you!