Nothing screams "love your neighbor" more than having to work together to build a sturdy structure out of nothing but candy hearts and card stock in a seventh grade science classroom.  On the Friday before Valentine's Day, Mrs. Sandy Thorson's students competed against their peers to complete the annual Valentine's Day engineering challenge.  Students were given five minutes with their team to develop a plan, and then the pressure was on as students began constructing their rough-and-ready visions.  In just twenty minutes, students used their STEAM skills to build the tallest free-standing structure they could using only conversation hearts and squares of pre-cut white card stock.  While the timer ticked along, students were permitted to ask for three measurements by the teacher to the highest candy heart.  If the tower fell before time was called, students could start over, aiming once again again for victory.  At the end, the team with the highest measured tower at any point along the way won.  This fun Valentine's Day challenge required students to employ not only their best engineering creativity but also their team spirit.  This Valentine's Day, both love and makeshift towers were in the air.