Eighth grader Chandler Schultz is one of the kindest students you will encounter in the hallways and classrooms of Walton Middle School.  Well-mannered and gentle, everyone can always count on Chandler to share an easy smile and a kind word.  Recently, Chandler was selected to represent our school as the November Student of the Month.

Chandler’s teachers shared many of the reasons he deserves this stellar recognition.  

AVID teacher Mrs. Emily Kent said, “Chandler is incredibly polite and respectful to everyone around him.  Without question, he will go out of his way to help anyone in need and is the first to thank others who support him.  He’s an old soul who values the little things in life and inspires those who know him to do the same thing.”

Science teacher Mr. Johnie Lawson said, “Chandler is a charismatic, intelligent, and hardworking young man.  He always take the hardships of schooling in stride and excels at everything I throw at him—especially if it is challenging.  Chandler is always quick to offer a friendly greeting accompanied by a smile, and I couldn’t be prouder to call myself his teacher.  Wish I had 100 of him!”

Mrs. Alison Shoaf added, “He is an exceptionally polite and kind student.  Chandler is always working hard in all of his classes.  He always has a smile on his face, and I have never passed him in the hallway without him saying, ‘Good morning!'”

All the way around, what a great kid Chandler is.  Well-mannered.  Polite.  Kind.  Conscientious.  Chandler is just the kind of student that makes WMS so exceptional.  With his outstanding character, our tribe rises.