"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein

Walton Middle School offers many exciting elective courses that give student opportunities to explore their interests and imaginations.  As a STEAM elective, Mrs. Greer Harvell’s Seaperch class gives students innovative avenues for taking thoughtful risks, persisting in problem-solving, embracing collaboration, and persevering through the creative process.

Oftentimes, students learn as much if not more from what goes wrong in an endeavor than what goes right.  Eighth graders William Anderson and Preston Alexander have spent many hours in Seaperch creating movies using the online Cloud Stop Motion program.  Stop motion is an animation technique in which the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, frame-by-frame, to make inanimate objects appear as if they are moving.

While adding the finishing touches to their stop motion movie, William and Preston reflected on the process.  Preston said that their project turned out better than expected, especially given their struggles early on.  When things went awry initially, the pair just deleted the whole thing, but they pressed on, learning from their failures perhaps even more than their successes.  William expressed gratitude for the Seaperch class, which gives him the opportunity to animate.  He said this experience is “just one of those reasons Seaperch is a good class to have.”

One frame at a time, William and Preston persevered through their stop motion animation project.  As eighth graders, they are already learning STEAM skills that will transfer into their academic and career futures.  

With each start and stop, our tribe rises.