Last week, Mrs. Emily Johnson showed her appreciation for her students’ outstanding behavior by rewarding them with good food. On a few days during the month when Mrs. Johnson had to have substitutes, some of her students showed exemplary behavior in her absence. The substitutes reported that these students worked hard on assignments, followed directions, and treated the sub and aides in the classroom respectfully. As a result, the students earned Whataburger coupons.

Students Landon James, Rick Davis, Malick Murphy, Jamariah Rollo, and Tony Burch (not pictured) chose to redeem their coupons during the school day, while Allen West, David “Ryan” Murphy, Cooper Floyd, and Jeremiah Curry chose to take their coupons home to spend with their families.

We are one tribe, on one mission, rising to develop outstanding character (while eating cheeseburgers along the way).#1tribe1mission