Walton Middle School teachers and district personnel filled their tanks this week when participating in a two-day Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH) training at WMS.  The dynamic and compassionate Mrs. Karen Duling of CKH coached teachers through all facets of the character-based curriculum, equipping them with proven techniques for implementing life-changing processes focused on social-emotional well-being, relationship-driven campus culture, and student connectedness.  Not only did the educators in the room learn how to more powerfully connect with students, but they also developed a deeper understanding about how to meaningfully connect with one another.  These educators, already possessing hearts of service, now have a set of powerful tools to transform their school and classroom culture.  After this one-of-a-kind learning experience, the WMS and WCSD team look forward to a transformative year with deep relational connections with the ones who matter most—the students. The 2022-2023 school year might just be the best one yet!