On Tuesday, October 15th, Walton Middle School sixth graders embarked on an upriver cruise aboard the S.S. Nile in Mr. Paul Baur and Mr. Tracie Jordan's social studies classes.  While serene scenes from the Nile River played on the ClearTouch board at the front of the room, students received instructions from their captains, Mr. Baur and Mr. Jordan, about that day's learning excursions.  The captains instructed passengers to disembark at different stations around the room, where they read texts and studied pictures about Ancient Egypt.  At each unique destination, students captured their learning in a mock Instagram post that summarized their learning with a caption, image, and key facts.  They even shared their posts with peers, who commented on their learning, much like they would do on social media.  After finishing at one station, the S.S. Nile then transported students to their next destination, where their learning continued. 

Throughout this imaginative and interactive lesson, students collaborated to analyze how the Nile River affected ancient Egyptian life and, even more importantly, how geography influences how people live.  Students were productively engaged aboard Captain Baur and Captain Jordan's virtual cruise.  Who knows where their next learning destination will be!