After completing a Language! Live unit about constellations, Mrs. Emily Kent’s reading students constructed their own and wrote myths about them.  After asking students higher order questions about their learning, students got creative, designing their own constellations, naming them and drafting myths about how they came to be in the sky.  To create the constellations, students dropped marshmallows randomly onto their desks and then connected them with spaghetti noodles.  Mrs. Kent emphasized that she expected students to use correct grammar and mechanics when writing their myths about their constellations, just like they’d learned to do throughout the unit.  After creating and writing, students then snapped pictures of their completed products with their laptops and shared them on Teams so all their classmates can see their constellations and read their myths.  In this culminating project, Mrs. Kent’s students’ creative, literacy, and technology skills joined together—like the stars in the sky.