Sixth grader Abby Langston is on a roll.

In fact, she is on such a roll that she has earned more Exact Path trophies to date than any other Warrior on campus.Exact Path is a program that reading, math, and ELA teachers use to personalize student learning. Using a mastery learning approach, Exact Path creates a personalized learning path for each student based on unique learning needs. Research suggest that students who complete eight skills in the program are on track to make significant learning gains over time.With that said, Abby has already completed eight skills… plus another seven… for a total of FIFTEEN. And it’s only early October!Each time students complete a skill, they earn a trophy and get to sign a poster in their teacher’s classroom. Each time they fill a trophy sheet, they can win a prize from Mr. Campbell at lunch. Undoubtedly, Abby is racking up on the trophies and the rewards.We are so proud of her hard work.We are one tribe, on one mission, to lift learning, one trophy at a time.#1tribe1mission