WMS AVID elective students have worked diligently over the last three weeks to research, create, and present career/trade projects--a multi-step endeavor that relied on all elements of WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading), the tenets of AVID student success. Working in teams, students researched a career pathway that interested them, seeking out information about thirty-five required aspects of the trade of their choice. Ultimately, each team designed a powerpoint, project board, binder, and verbal presentation, spotlighting their learning. Perhaps more than any other WICOR element, collaboration was maximized. All team members, including ILDA students at home, were held accountable for their work within their group. On presentation day, all students stood before their peers (or through their devices from home) and boldly presented their projects. After each presentation, Mr. Smith asked audience members to offer their peers positive feedback and constructive criticism. Classmates offered insights and suggestions maturely and respectfully, showing that Mr. Smith has worked hard to create a healthy culture in his classroom. Students also asked presenters content-related questions, and group members answered knowledgably, proving that they owned their learning. At the end of the class' presentations, Mr. Smith noted to students that "there is a difference between doing something and doing it well," commending students for the tremendous effort they put into their projects. Thankful for their teacher's guidance, students in Mr. Smith's third period class then took time to thank HIM for his hard work, even applauding him for leading them through the process.  

Watch out, world! Mr. Smith's eighth grade AVID students are bound to take you by storm.