On Wednesday, November 6th, Walton Middle School AVID students in all three grade levels joined forces to strengthen their collaboration and inquiry skills.  WMS believes in equipping students to be successful lifelong learners, and AVID, which stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, supports this philosophy. 

AVID tutorials are small group tutoring sessions held during the AVID elective class.  In these tutorials, trained tutors come into the AVID classroom and guide student-centered groups to answer questions about schoolwork.  In the AVID model, students develop questions about things they are struggling with prior to the tutorial session.  Students then lead one another in collaborative group discussions and questioning to determine the answers to the presenter's questions.  Because AVID tutorials are a cornerstone of a successful AVID program, WMS AVID teachers teamed up to effectively model the process for students new to its format.  Mrs. Gaby Brown's seventh grade AVID students led tutorials, while Mr. Dennie Smith's eighth graders paired with Mrs. Brown's sixth graders to help them understand the tutorial observation form.  While some students actively participated in the tutorial sessions, others were guided to observe the process so they will know how to lead and participate properly in tutorials back in the classroom. 

These outstanding members of the Warrior tribe exemplified the school's "We, Not Me" spirit as they worked collaboratively to develop essential skills for future academic and, ultimately, career success.