Maintaining a 4.0 GPA during a nine weeks is no small feat.  Maintaining a 4.0 all school year is even harder.  But maintaining all A's all three years of middle school is incredible.

Eighth graders Emmalee Alford, Adrian Cuica, Jackson Davis, Addie Ingle, Chloe Jordan, Emma Lathinghouse, and Julia Wilson worked their way all the way through WMS without ever making a B on their report cards.  In addition to trophies at Awards Day, these seven also earned a "free day" on Thursday, May 20th--a day to roam the halls and visit former teachers before closing out this chapter and starting a new one at WHS.  Mr. Campbell and Mr. Hulion also treated these successful Warriors to an off-campus lunch at Bogey's.

Since Mr. Campbell has been WMS principal, this group is the largest yet to earn all A's all three years.  In this unprecedented school year, this achievement is especially outstanding.

WMS wishes these Warriors continued success as they continue on their journey.  No matter where life takes them, they will always be part of our tribe.