Helpful, hardworking, polite, respectful.

Those four adjectives sum up the character of eighth grader Nevaeh Messer, Walton Middle School’s Kiwanis Student of the Month.

When students and teachers pass Nevaeh in the hallway, they can count on her to have a smile on her face.  In addition to her friendly spirit, she is known for her conscientiousness, making her a high caliber Warrior.

Her science teacher, Mr. Johnie Lawson, describes Nevaeh as the ideal student, just the type he wouldn’t mind having a classroom full of.  Mr. Lawson states, “Nevaeh is an excellent student, not just because of her academic excellence, but because she is a delightful person.  She is willing to help other students at any time.  She has a bright and contagious personality that is hard not to be drawn toward.  She is engaged in class, respectful of her teacher and peers, and unafraid to work hard and ask questions if she doesn’t understand any part of the lesson.”  Talk about a phenomenal student!

Likewise, Mrs. Michelle Seay, ELA teacher, raves about Nevaeh’s outstanding work ethic—the fact that she always does her best and takes pride in a job well done.  Mrs. Seay says, “She is extremely well organized and always turns in assignments when she is absent (without being asked)!  She pays attention to detail and takes that extra step toward excellence on all her assignments.  Her positive attitude always brightens my day.”

Walton Middle School is so thankful to call such a positive, conscientious, and hardworking student its own. We are so proud of Nevaeh Messer, and we wish her all the best as she heads to Walton High School next year.