WMS proudly congratulates Nolin Adams, our eighth grade February student of the month.  Around campus, Nolin is known for his conscientiousness, kindness, and wit.

Mr. Murphy, U.S. history teacher, shared that Nolin always lightens the mood in class by pulling real world connections into lessons, always in a respectful way.  He also commends Nolin for showing compassion for other students, making everyone feel welcome.  Nolin is famous for telling Mr. Murphy that he is his “favorite eighth grade American history teacher because he is his only eighth grade American history teacher.”  Mr. Joe Proffitt, ag teacher, also remarked about Nolin’s great sense of humor, noting that his classmates recently voted for him to one day find the future love of his life on Farmers Only, adding that she would be one lucky gal.  According to Mr. Proffitt, Nolin not only loves to joke and laugh, but he also loves getting his hands dirty.  For Nolin, no ag job is too big to handle.

As such a hardworking and good-natured class act, Nolin Adams undoubtedly deserves to be WMS’ student of the month.