All school year, WMS seventh grade Civics teachers Mrs. Katie Williams and Ms. Regina Messer have worked hard to impart a strong civic education to their students. Throughout the year, students developed the following key understandings: the principles, functions and organization of government; the origins of the American political system; the roles, rights, and responsibilities of citizens; and the methods for actively participating in our political system. To review all of these essential concepts at the end of the year, Mrs. Williams and Ms. Messer designed a variety of collaborative learning opportunities for students, allowing them to put their heads together to think deeply about real world applications of their learning. At the beginning of May, seventh grade Civics students demonstrated their knowledge and understanding on the Civics end-of-course exam (EOC). Thanks to their teachers’ dedicated preparation and the students’ hard work, WMS seventh graders were well equipped for success on not only the EOC but also for their futures as United States citizens.