Students in Mrs. Thorson’s 7th period advanced science class were sent on a wild Goosechase on May 20th and 21st.  Mrs. Thorson strives to connect learning to the real world and found the most fun way to do it is to make students hunt it down.  After getting permission and eliciting cooperation and participation from many other teachers, Mrs. Thorson gamified the 7th grade Physical Science Standards and sent her students on the hunt using the interactive Goosechase website.  Students were grouped by Physicists into the following teams:

Team Rutherford
Team Einstein
Team Galilei
Team Feynman

Team Newton

In these teams of 2 to 3, students were challenged to 15 missions, each with differing point values based on difficulty of the task.

So, who are the Goosechase Champions?  TEAM RUTHERFORD!  Congratulations to these students!

Win or lose, everyone had a blast!