WMS Knock-Out Cancer Day
          Recently a Relay for Life event was sponsored by the Walton Middle School P.E. Department to help raise money to support our Walton Middle School’s (WMS) Relay for Life team.  On Monday, March 30, students received the information/pledge sheet.  To participate in Knock-Out Cancer Day during their P.E. class, the student had to raise a minimum of $3.00.  Bringing in a minimum $3.00 pledge/donation allowed the student to play Endless Knock-Out during their P.E. class.  Music was also provided.
          They had from March 30 – April 2 to collect as many pledges/donations as they could. All forms and money was due April 2.  This gave the students four days to make their collections.  Those that brought in a minimum of $3.00 were allowed to play Endless Knock-Out during their P.E. class on Friday April 3.  A trophy was also presented to one student in each grade level who raised the most money.
          WMS is proud to announce, in less than four days, students raised a total of $2,511.38.  The students who raised the most in each grade level were; 6th grader Tinsley Abbott, who raised $170.00, 7th grader Tanasia Gilbert, who raised $128.00, and 8th grader Joshua Dahdah, who raised $103.00. On a side note, $254.00 was raised by selling concessions. This money will be donated to the Autism Awareness walk taking place Saturday April 18, 2014.  
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L-R Scott Hulion (TSA) Assistant Principal, Tinsley Abbott, Tanasia Gilbert Joshua Dahdah