The WMS PE Department is continuing and expanding its “Warrior Way” character education lessons with students this year. Each month, the PE coaches promote positive character traits by focusing on a specific word, connecting it to some of the challenges we are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
This month’s word is OPTIMISTIC.
To promote the positive character traits schoolwide, PE coaches create posters displaying the word and definition and post them throughout the school, serving as visual reminders for everyone. They also encourage faculty and staff members to watch for students who demonstrate each character trait, adding those names to their “Shout Out” poster that all can see. Students also have the opportunity to look for faculty/staff members whose actions are exemplary. These worthy adults are congratulated and thanked for serving as shining examples.

Across campus, everyone works together to reinforce the “Warrior Way.” WMS is OPTIMISTIC that each small action helps build a stronger school and community.