Walton Middle School applauds students who go above and beyond to serve others with no desire for the spotlight. Conner Crews, seventh grader, operates as just that kind of kid.

On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Krisy Spence from Maude Saunders Elementary reached out to Principal Jason Campbell to affirm Conner’s recent weekend generosity.Last Saturday, Conner’s former elementary school hosted an “MSE CeleBration” at the Wee Care Park to celebrate their hard-earned “B” school status. Conner’s little sister currently attends MSE, and their family showed up for the event. Mrs. Spence said that from the moment Conner arrived until he left, he worked hard, serving, organizing, cleaning, and assisting with anything else needed.WMS celebrates remarkable students like Conner, those with a heart of service for others.We also thank Mrs. Spence and MSE for taking the time to recognize Conner. Without their shoutout, we never would have known how Conner spent his Saturday. After all, the most humble servants don’t exalt their good deeds. They just roll up their sleeves and get the job done to make this world a little bit better place.One tribe, one mission, rising to serve and affirm others.#1tribe1mission