Mrs. Jackie Clemmons’ seventh grade students maximized their scientific prowess and muscle this week, participating in the 2020 Metric Olympics. Students participated in Olympic events to demonstrate how they use the metric system in the real world.  Mrs. Clemmons designed a carousel of sports for students to participate in, then measure.  Some of the events were the drinking straw javelin, the standing long jump, the right-handed marble grab, the left-handed sponge squeeze, and the cotton ball shot put.  The teacher gave students a group collaboration guide, rubric, and observation notes to use during the events.  First, Mrs. Clemmons clearly demonstrated the expectations and procedures for the Olympic games. She then assigned students to groups and instructed them to first estimate their measurement for each station, then write it on their record sheet. They then practiced each station’s task three times, then averaged the trial measurements together to figure the event’s score.  Students also collaborated to figure the difference between their actual result and their estimation.  When finished, students graphed their results.  Mrs. Clemmons worked hard to design an opportunity for students to use their scientific knowledge and investigations and represent their data, all using the metric system.  The Metric Olympics prove that learning can be fun.